REVIEW: Illusions of Evil by Lily White

I haven’t been particularly overwhelmed by the last couple of Lily White releases, but this is completely back to form. Although a slow start, which I have to admit I struggled with, it really picked up, especially towards the end, to become a scene of sweet chaos, including the darkness and evil White is so well-known for. A ‘snowball effect’ climax, this was one dark and strong ending which has really fed my desire to read the next to find out what happens.

I loved how there wasn’t really any romance as such in this. It was about pleasures of the flesh, about temptation and about power and corruption, sometimes shocking, other times erotic. One particular scene which stood out to me—when I felt myself sit up and think, hey, I’m into this now, what’s gonna happen?—was that of Jacob giving his homily. Then, things got really dark.

So dark, in fact, I’m not sure I can see the light—but I plan on stumbling through to reach the end of the tunnel regardless.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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