REVIEW: Tattooed Love by Simone Elise

Compelling reading…..

I really had no preconceived idea about this book or the direction it would take… in fact it is an interesting mix of genres a young adult, high school and MC all rolled into one….the theme is all about family, loyalty and love, a wonderfully told story exploring the reckless decisions that the main characters make and the consequences, sometimes dire, that they have to live with as a result..

Amber is a rebellious and angry teenager who has been protected from her brothers MC world ..but it is clear that she does not need outside influences to take a dark and dangerous path…I love the concept of the tough female who is every bit a match and more for the men in her life and in particular Jackson who is the archetypal bad boy…they are a partnership made in hell…And as for her brothers they are awesome in their protectiveness ; a band of rough, tough bikers whose interactions provide humour and another layer of drama to the narrative…

I really enjoyed the premise of the book and the story was compelling but I do think the criminal and outlaw behaviour of both Amber and Jackson did not sit comfortably with a young adult theme… at times Amber in particular seemed to think and behave way beyond her years; conversely at times she was an out of control juvenile delinquent and on occasions she was rather needy….in addition the relationship between Jackson and Amber was a real slow burner and even when they finally got together they spent most of the time falling out which I found frustrating….

That being said I really loved this was not perfect; there were faults but in the end the facts speak for themselves I was completely absorbed by this thrilling, epic story and could not put it down…. the cliffhanger, when it came, was unexpected and left me desperate to read more…This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (4/5)

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