REVIEW: Secrets of Betrayal by L.K. Shaw

Well worth a read..

This is the first book I have read by this author which featured two broken people who have a multitude of problems the not least of which is trust issues…. the story isn’t particularly original but it is well written and the sexual tension and intimate moments between the two protagonists are enthralling…

The story is told by the two main characters, Phebe and Donovan, who take turns to relate their side of events….their narrative is interspersed with insights into the enemies mindset which adds to the menacing atmosphere of the book…..Phebe has come from a dark place and her memories serve to demonstrate why she is so damaged… it never ceases to amaze me how women in the book world who have been previously subjugated become caught up in the world of BDSM and this story is another such premise…. perhaps this is fiction mirroring reality but in truth I would have thought this would be the last type of relationship they would look for or indeed need….that said the couple in question seem to be able to tread a careful path to find passion and their own special brand of romance….and for the record I love dark erotic books so it is more an observation than complaint..

As usual the path to finding their happy ever after meets road blocks, twists and turns along the way; some of their own making and others from outside malevolent forces…the story is well paced with intrigue and peril and the other supporting characters add layer upon layer of drama and welcome lighter relief…a book worth reading from a series I intend to investigate and read more of in the future…This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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