REVIEW: Fighting the Lies by Anna Edwards

Searing paranormal romantic thriller…

It is always a worrying prospect for me when an author that I love releases a new book; will I enjoy it as much as the others…what will I tell them if it sucks…. but I need not have feared this second in the Glacial Blood series is every bit as captivating, intriguing and steamy as the first….. in this installment one of the pack members is accused of patricide and there is overwhelming evidence…deceit, rivalry and pure evil all play a part in her downfall and her adopted family are going to have to use all their considerable skills and powers in the race to save her…

The author has created a believable, fascinating and comprehensive alternative universe… paranormal shifters and magical beings inhabit this world unbeknownst to the human population… the characters whether friend or foe are all credible and there is a depth to their personalities which increases over the course of the book and series as more is revealed…Emma and Scott, shapeshifter lioness and lion, take centre stage in this story but all the characters from the first book play a part… I love the relationship between these two she is strong and courageous and he is protective, uncompromising and loving and their chemistry is so hot!!

This book and series is paranormal at it’s absolute shapeshifting best! Murder, mystery, hatred, betrayal, loyalty and family all wrapped up in a searing romance between two damaged individuals who will sacrifice all for those that they love…..I received an ARC of this book from the author.

~Sheena (5/5)

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