REVIEW: 27009 by A.A. Dark

As ever, delving back into A.A. Dark’s Whitlock universe is an immense pleasure—especially this instalment, which focuses rather more on Everleigh and Bram’s story than the previous one. That was, in my opinion, the most intriguing part of this story: seeing the development of the two characters we’ve followed from 24690.

This was another episode of brutality, exploring horrific violence in a nightmarish setting, yet with its own touch of originality—which is a feat in itself, when this world and the works set in it are all, to some degree, very similar. There was much less focus on the erotic horror in this one (perhaps a good thing—that confusion is rather eerie!) and more on the other characters of Whitlock, especially the cat-and-mouse chase of Everleigh and Bram.

If I’m honest, the plot of slave 27009 sort of faded into the background for me; I much preferred the follow-up of Everleigh and Bram, and I felt 27009 was almost forgotten about. The balance wasn’t quite right, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of reading this bloody, gruesome tale.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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