REVIEW: Legs by Kelly Siskind

Well first thing’s first this book was like my own little vision of heaven it had wine and it had a sexy, tattooed, pierced man with a rather dirty talking mouth on him, what more could a woman want?

I’ll be honest I’d never heard of Kelly Siskind before but I’m glad I had the opportunity to read one of her books, this may have been the first by her I’ve read but it won’t be my last I loved her style of writing and she has a way with words everything was so detailed, she brought the book to life.

Legs was an intense and emotional read yet at the same time it was filled with humour, there was plenty of laugh out loud moments and it was about more than just sex there was love and romance.

The two main protagonists Rachel and Jimmy had amazing chemistry going on between them it was off the charts and it was great as well as entertaining being part of the journey seeing their relationship progress. A brilliant storyline with great banter that will have you laughing out loud, the secondary characters were highly entertaining and I look forward to seeing what’s in-store next, Legs was a brilliant start to what I’m positive is going to be a great series.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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