REVIEW: Scandalous by L.J. Shen

An imperfect kind of love…

So many wonderful and positive words have been written in support of this author, this series and indeed this book..and rightly so…. I have come late to the party and I have nothing new or original to say… I loved this story and I loved every dysfunctional and emotionally stunted character found within it’s pages…

The two main characters are not perfect in fact Edie is particularly brattish at the start and Trent is the most complex and closed off of the four Hotholes..but they are the products of their formative years and their faults make them seem more human and their imperfect relationship more genuine….and when the bigger picture is revealed it is the stuff hidden underneath that really matters..,

I have been captivated by each one of the stories in this series but this final book and this final couple now hold a special place in my heart…

….and so we say goodbye to Jaime, Trent, Dean and Vicious and the women who brought light and love into their lives…. together this group are so much more than the sum of their parts and I shall miss them all….. Scandalous isn’t a sweet romance how could it be when the protagonists are so broken but it is a story of love, in all it’s forms, and it’s capacity to bring redemption, forgiveness, empowerment and acceptance to all those it touches…. I received an ARC from the author….

~Sheena (5/5)

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