REVIEW: The Heart of the Alchemist by Penny Wells

Enthralling ….

In general historical romance is not my go to genre but armed with the fact that I love the TV show Outlander and this time travelling heroine ends up in my favourite period in history I decided to give it a go…. wow I am so pleased that I took the chance.

The author is a compelling storyteller…her imagined world and the characters within are so carefully observed and believable….when we meet Katherine she is in a career and love life slump then fast backward to the Elizabethan era and suddenly she is very much in demand…. the narrative is told from Katherine’s point of view ..I love this concept of a modern day character having to negotiate a time gone by with some school level knowledge and not much else …Katherine’s inner voice reflects some of her misconceptions and gaps in knowledge ….the man who drags her into his world is Robert , an alchemist and a man of his time who has his own methods of dealing with recalcitrant females..

This is not just a love story; Katherine and her ‘insider knowledge’ prove useful within the Elizabethan Court in an era of intrigue…. slowly but surely she becomes embroiled in the machinations of ambitious men in a world where anything unexplained risks being labelled as witchcraft….

This was a thoroughly entertaining and enthralling romance which took me on a journey to a bygone age …This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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