REVIEW: A SEAL’s Surprise by Tawny Weber


I have read the first three novella’s in this series in quick succession and from the point of view of originality the premise of the series is compelling…..this particular novella centres around the relationship between Eli and Macy and their reconnection after five years of separation ……

Eli and Macy take turns to relate their side of the story providing valuable insight into their inner voice and in Eli’s case his inner conflict….Eli has, in previous books, come across as uncompromising, a bit of a bully in fact, threatening and cajoling his friends into keeping a vow made as young adolescents… it now seems only fitting that it is his turn for his rigid belief systems to be challenged by the beautiful Macy…

I was not particularly looking forward to this book because of Eli’s previous behaviour but I have to say this is my favourite and it is certainly the hottest….the struggle Eli experiences in coming to terms with his feelings towards Macy is compelling reading and Macy is a smart interesting character who has remained strong in spite of previous heartbreak..

Overall this is an entertaining second chance love story which is a perfect length when time is short ….I reviewed this novella on behalf of Summer’s Eve Reads..

~Sheena (4/5)

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