REVIEW: Dark Control by Annabel Joseph

I am a fan of Annabel Joseph’s work, and have read a few of her BDSM themed series. This one, however, I felt was too similar to the Rough Love series, with its focus on pain and masochism, its involvement in the art world, the wealthy sadist scared of commitment, and the lack of a safe word. Unfortunately, I actually really enjoyed the other series, so to me, this felt like a less developed version of much the same.

Fort and Juliet just didn’t seem to have that believable a connection to me. There wasn’t so much of a plot, only scene after scene towards the end, showcasing Joseph’s ability to write (and not to shy away from) the brutality in sex scenes. They were erotic, to a degree, but I’ve found I’m less into the pain and more into the humiliation side of reading BDSM, so this will appeal more to ‘maso-sluts’.

I did enjoy reading it, and Goodluck was probably the highlight with his artistic rambling and comedic value. I just wanted to be a little more invested in their relationship than I found myself at the final page.

In a nutshell
What I liked
-The moment of conflict really did make me feel
-The brutality

What I didn’t like
-The one-dimensional characters
-The repetition of tropes and themes in Joseph’s work

~Evelyn (3/5)

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