REVIEW: King of Code by C.D. Reiss

This was so, so close to a five star rating, and immediately comes in as one of my favourite reads so far of 2017.

It’s unusual these days to read a book from a single perspective, and Reiss has nailed it. We explore Taylor’s childhood and present life, seamlessly interwoven with his budding relationship with Harper, who, although never narrating, also manages to be fully fleshed out and wonderfully complex.

The supporting cast was also firmly developed, everyone being different enough to prevent them from fading into the background, yet not too different for them to take over the show—and there were a lot of them, so this isn’t a feat to overlook.

The erotic scenes could, however, have been steamier, considering there were so many of them. Indeed, the glorious anticipation of the first half was almost overshadowed by the amount of sex in the second, which, even when described in detail, failed to really grab my attention. I guess in some respects Reiss succeeded in making me thirsty for the plot itself, rather than the romance and erotica. Yet, this is what prevented me from giving a five-star rating: the balance just wasn’t quite right between the romance and the plot itself.

A setting unique to contemporary romance, and diving head-first into the techno subgenre, rather than gloss over the specific, Reiss includes enough information about the hacking and techno world to ensure our belief is suspended, while never confusing us too much to prevent us from understanding the plot. Sometimes, I did have to re-read a couple of things just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, but it more than made up for it that this book wasn’t one to gloss over in the first place, but to savour.

It must have been challenging to write, but it’s paid off. This is such a strong start to a new series, and although it wasn’t perfect, it was damn close.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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