SNEAK PEEK: Foreplay with the Boss by Cynthia Page

“You know how I have a hard time saying things boldly when it comes to my job?”


“Well, I’m also like that…in the bedroom. I want to tell the guys I sleep with what I want, but I was never able to actually force out the words. It’s like I need assertive training in the bedroom as well as the boardroom.” A lightbulb went off, the thing practically glowing over her head. Then she brought her hand to her mouth and shook her head. “No.” She tilted her head. “But maybe…No, I’m just thinking it’s a good idea because I’m a little buzzed.”

“I’m already onboard,” I said.

“I didn’t even tell you my idea yet.”

I wrapped my hand around her thigh. “I train you to be as assertive in the bedroom as in the boardroom. Hell yeah, I’m onboard, and I say we get started right away.”

Her eyes widened. “It sounds good in theory, but in reality…” Her gaze dropped to my hand, high on her silky smooth thigh and close to breaching the barrier of her skirt. She bit her lip and squirmed in her seat. “But I’m not sure it’d translate. Sexual attraction and…being in a committed relationship are two very different things.”

“I’m not debating that.” I lowered my lips to the shell of her ear. “But I promise you that our chemistry would transfer to the bedroom. I wouldn’t let you leave until you were very, very satisfied.” I inched my thigh higher. “Besides, this is more than sexual attraction. This is sexual obsession. I can’t stop thinking about you naked and underneath me.”

The tiniest whimper escaped her lips as I slid my hand under the fabric of her skirt, my pinky brushing the spot where her inner thigh met the edge of her blessedly tiny panties. “Are you thinking about it now? Should I tell you all the ways I’ve imagined taking you?”

Kat flattened her palms on the table like she needed the support, and I could tell she was working to keep her face from showing how turned-on she was. Well, there were other ways of checking. I cupped her pussy over her panties and ran two fingers up her center.

“You’re soaking wet, gorgeous,” I whispered before nipping at her ear. “You want passion…?” I ran my fingers over her again, more turned-on than I’d ever been, and sure she was about to try to talk sense into me.

Instead she spread her legs a little farther apart.

“That’s it…Tell me what you want. Tell me how you like to be touched.”

“I…” Her eyes met mine and I arched an eyebrow.

“It looks like we’re going to have to come up with a point system. You tell me, and you get rewarded.” I slipped a finger into her panties and gave her swollen, wet flesh a swipe, biting back a groan.

I wanted to slide that finger inside her and pump until she came around me. My blood turned to liquid fire and my dick strained against my zipper.


She needs to learn to say what she wants, and I intend to teach her how to.

            I withdrew my finger and she shuddered, gripping the edge of the table until her knuckles went white. “No more half sentences, or else.”

“Or else I get punished?” she asked as she batted her eyes, her voice petulant.

Fuck me, this was going to be fun. I gave her my sternest look and nodded.

She squirmed in her seat, rubbing her knees together, and pride flooded me. She was dying for the release, and I couldn’t wait to reward and punish her some more.

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