REVIEW: Macon by Marie James

Beautifully told original story..

A small town and two young people with big but very different dreams…the author pulled me into this bittersweet romance right from the start….this is a heartfelt story filled with wonderful and fascinating characters living in a vividly described imagined world…

The main protagonists Axton and Addie are two contrasting individuals …he is an aspiring musician focused on finding success and living the lifestyle and she is a preachers daughter focused on studying hard and escaping the expectations of her family…… their unlikely relationship is without question a rocky one and at times I felt so frustrated by the two of them as they constantly misinterpret and misunderstand each others perspectives and feelings…when they do put aside the drama they may have their differences but together their chemistry is a wondrous thing to behold….the author has created such relatable characters for example Addie and her two sisters are awesome together their interactions are so believable full of sisterly good humour, advice and love…

This is an beautifully told original story with a fascinating cast of characters and at the centre two people whose emotional intelligence grows exponentially as they experience life together and apart on their roads to finding happiness….I received a copy of this book from the author and reviewed on behalf of Summer’s Eve Reads….

~Sheena (5/5)

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