REVIEW: Echoes in the Storm by Max Henry

Slow burning romance…

What an emotional journey this touching romance took me on….Duke, a broken soldier and Cammie, a woman unable to move on from a devastating past …this is a story of loss, self loathing, forgiveness and redemption….

I loved the writing and the believable characters who populated the pages… Duke and Cammie are such lost and broken souls … the author skillfully describes their vulnerability and the protective coping mechanisms they implement to hide from their memories and from those who might force them to face their demons… I was completely invested in these two who seem to be at loggerheads more often than not….their relationship is full of humour, anger, denial and drama

In some ways this was an unconventional slow burning romance which above all else demonstrated the power of love whether from friends, family or a stranger met by chance to provide support, hope and a brighter future even in the darkest and most desperate of times..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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