REVIEW: Her Master’s Redemption by Lily White

I really wanted to obsess over this book. Her Master’s Courtesan is one of the best dark erotic novels I’ve ever read, so when this was announced, I was all over the place with giddiness. Perhaps my expectations were too high but I was left feeling a little disappointed.

This was, by no means, a bad book. It was good—it was interesting, it had a twist or two, and White’s power play is always one of her strengths. I was just hoping for darker. It seems almost as if White shied away slightly from the descriptive brutality of Courtesan. There were plenty of opportunities to delve into this but they were often glossed over, and that’s where this novel failed to live up to the first in the series.

I also felt that the twist at the end was a little forced. White tends to write stunning ones, beautifully woven into the story, but this felt too far-fetched in my opinion. The power play should have perhaps been highlighted a little more, and the relationship at the centre of the novel also needed more focus.

Overall, entertaining and a decent read, just not matching the highs of the first book in the series.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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