REVIEW: Two Footsteps by Belle Brooks

Tortuous and unpredictable..

I can not ever remember reading a book before this that has given me such a constant unsettling feeling of anxiety and uneasiness with it’s tortuous and unpredictable plot…this is a menacing , twisted thriller and the second in The Game of Life Series… Red is lost in the wood and prey to the Wolf….the basic premise may be familiar and as dark as any traditional fairytale..but this is a contemporary story of manipulation, fear, love, betrayal and regret……

What a masterfully written story.. told from the perspectives of Red/Morgan, her husband Reid and her tormentor, the Wolf.. the suspense within these pages is tangible; Morgan has such strength of character; whilst her situation seems hopeless she is a fighter and the love for her family provides added resilience and resolve …and Reid in the face of a devastating situation remains determined and focused on ensuring that his wife is located and returned home safely…but not everything is as it should be there are secrets and deceptions which are set to unravel their realities..and make them question everything they believe…

I have a considerable list of theories on the outcome of this story and the identity of the Wolf…but the truth is that this is such an intriguing and carefully crafted story with so many potential clues and misdirections that I remain none the wiser….and at the end there is another heart stopping cliffhanger which left me bewildered with more questions than answers and desperate for the next instalment….I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author

~Sheena (5/5)

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