REVIEW: Long For Me by Stacey Lynn

Rebecca is a personal assistant to Bennett a man who likes to take control in the boardroom and as she later discovers his sex life to. After visiting Luminous with her good friends and seeing Bennett in a different light performing she finds herself more intrigued and attracted to the man than ever before and the feeling is mutual as Bennett knows he can give her everything her body craves. Their relationship soon becomes more than just a working one but there’s more going on in Rebecca’s head than Bennett knows and as a man who likes to take control he’s sure put through his paces proving to her they’re right for each other.

This is the third book in the series but can be read as a standalone which is how I read it, but I will be going back to read the previous two.

Fantastic writing with sharp, witty dialogue and a plot which flowed along nicely from page to page, it wasn’t all about sex, sex, sex which even then tends to be rushed in books with elements of bdsm. Stacey Lynn has done a brilliant job and I would totally recommend this to readers who love a bit of kink alongside their romance.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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