REVIEW: The Story of Salvatore boxed set by Kailee Reese Samuels

Compelling Series….

Finally the SOS series is all in one volume providing the back story to the characters first encountered in the authors debut novel Juliet….the series follows the trials and tribulations of Salvatore , his journey from boy to man and his constant search for love and acceptance…

The series is dark, twisted and erotic story centring around the world of BDSM and examining the choices and preferences that lead Salvatore down a path of pain, submission and beyond…

The author utilises multiple points of view to relate the narrative…this switching between the characters takes some getting used to and initially I found it confusing but on reflection I can recognise that it provides varied and valuable insights and perspectives on the events unfolding..the expansive imagined world created in this series is well describe and contains so many fascinating and diverse characters….Salvatore is so beautiful and conflicted I could not help but be captivated by him….I loved the complexities of the world of Juliet and the myriad of beguiling characters with their own personal kinks and desires….

There is no doubt this story will not appeal to everyone so heed the warning given…for once the doors of Juliet are open the stories told within are compulsive and disturbing reading….the final book in the series is called HopeChest I looked up the definition and realised immediately how perfect the title is not only for this final story but the series itself…Sal experiences so much over the course of the series..each one of the lessons he has learned, all his stolen hopes, dreams, losses and disappointments are being packed neatly away to be uncovered and utilised at a later time when they will provide him with the emotional strength to become something better, more worthy and prepared in the future.

This compelling series ends with Sal finally ready to take on his true mantle in Juliet….the journey is a harsh one but there is also an unspoken assurance that Sal has conquered so much, experienced so much that no matter what the future holds he has the capacity to find a way…This series was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads.

~Sheena (5/5)

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