REVIEW: Hate to Love You by Tijan

Wonderfully scripted and enthralling novel..

I am an avid fan of this author and this book is exactly the reason for my devotion… the blurb indicated that it was a college sports romance full of the usual worries, woes and humour of the genre but chapter by chapter this simple story developed into something a bit darker and a bit more edgy….The book deals with very sensitive and real world problems with obsession and abuse, in it’s many guises, and the aftermath and effects on those directly and indirectly involved….

This author has an enviable ability to create beautifully written strong female characters full of determination and attitude and hot guys who have a robust moral compass and are loyal and protective towards those close to them…..of course the drama keeps the plot fast paced and absorbing but the glue that holds the story together is the love/hate relationship between the two main characters full of banter, intensity and sexual chemistry…I loved the scene in the book when Shay comes to call on Kennedy on the premise of wanting to see her room and they end up watching a movie together….it exemplifies all the humour and attraction between them juxtaposed with the day to day drama of life …. anyone who reads Tijan books will know what I mean when I say that Shay Coleman truly gives Mason Kade a run for his money and I would never say that lightly…

The secondary characters are also quirky and interesting… Linde, Gage, Casey and Kristina, in particular, are individuals whose personalities develop and grow throughout the narrative…and whom deserve some more time in the limelight..

This was a wonderfully scripted novel which includes it’s fair share of angst but above all else it was a riveting love story which I did not want to end ……This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (5/5)

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