REVIEW: Dirt Road Promises by Leigh Christopher

Cowboy meets city girl romance…

A fabulous bittersweet romance with Clay a strong, steadfast cowboy who is struggling to keep his family business afloat and Essie a sweet, at times feisty, smart city girl who enters Clay’s life with the potential to help him rebuild his world and achieve his dreams or, as it turns out, to irrevocably destroy them…

This is a beautifully told love story with believable, and engaging characters…Clay and Essie are both emotionally damaged individuals who, in so many ways, are perfectly matched but this would not be a worthy story without drama ..and it is common knowledge that the road to true love is forever paved in misunderstandings and unspoken truths….nevertheless when these two are together the sexual chemistry is smouldering and intense…,…

It is not only the protagonists who have a tale to tell the secondary characters are also worth mentioning; Clay’s mother is as sweet as apple pie and cotton candy and Rhett (Clay’s best friend) and Chloe (Essie’s best friend) appear to be having their own torrid affair which I would love to read more about in a future instalment…

This is a captivating and addictive read…the blurb gave me an inkling of the problems ahead for this couple but nothing quite prepared me for the emotional journey that these two embark upon in their desperate search for a happy ever after….I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author

~Sheena (5/5)

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