REVIEW: Bait by Jade West

Jade West never ceases to amaze me with how she can pull at my heartstrings whilst arousing me to flood levels. Her characters are always deep and three-dimensional, and it’s fantastic that erotica can be moving in this direction, while still providing the thrills.

This was a touching read, yet heaped with West’s typical filth, this time broaching a taboo subject that was a pleasure to finally be able to read about. Kudos to her for that, as it could have been quite a sensitive one but also something a lot of women fantasise.

My one complaint was the build up of the deeper relationship between the characters being too rushed, in my opinion (almost verging on insta-love but with some rough fun mixed in there), and it could have definitely done with a slower build.

Overall, yet another Jade West serving of fabulousness. A one-handed read indeed, you’ll be either masturbating or clutching at your heart.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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