REVIEW: Nate by Celia Aaron

Enthralling 4.5 star read….

Wow… this steamy suspenseful forbidden love, mafia romance ticks every box on my required elements list….. fast paced, action packed, funny, disturbing, super hot and full of interesting characters in a wonderfully described and brutal world… this is the story of Nate a mob boss with all the usual good, bad and ugly traits and Sabrina the sassy , beautiful woman whose life Nate saved as a young girl and became her protector henceforth..

The relationship between Nate and Sabrina is beguiling full of humour, sexual tension and passion…in all fairness Nate is a bit of a douche in the beginning but the protectiveness of this ruthless gangster towards Sabrina quickly absolves him from his early behaviour…. In addition the protagonists are surrounded by a group of authentic and interesting secondary characters both friend or foe who add layers of light and dark throughout the narrative…

This was an unputdownable and enthralling book with betrayal, death, brutality , loyalty and love in bucket absolute 4.5 star must read….This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (4/5)

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