REVIEWS: The Alpha’s Arrangement by Ryan Michele

Heartwarming and sexy…

This was such a great paranormal read filled with humour and super hot shapeshifters…Carter is the Alpha of his pack and he is nothing if not persistent when he sets his sights on Izzy…..boy is he determined….of course there is also the small matter of him being a magical being and her complete ignorance of the fact but this just makes the story all the more enjoyable…

Izzy recounts the story from her perspective which provides a personal narrative of her gradual awakening to the supernatural world she encounters……There are a number of memorable moments in the book but my favourite is the initial meeting between Izzy and Carter at the local supermarket…Carter is so alpha and protective and Izzy is a perfect match and the heat and sexual chemistry that builds between them is super hot…. the secondary characters are also wonderfully described; I became infatuated by Carter and his band of shapeshifting brothers…..their interactions are full of camaraderie and brotherly affection… Owen in particular is one character I would like to know more about….

The storyline is light and romantic however there is a scene towards the end involving Izzy which seemed to develop very quickly and although disturbing is also swiftly dismissed by Carter I did not think that the event itself or the reactions of Izzy and Carter reflected the overall feel of the book…

That said this is an engaging short read with plenty of pace; and is in the main heartwarming, a sexy paranormal romance with a great cast…. This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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