REVIEW: Trashy Foreplay by Gemma James

Engaging sexy, forbidden romance…

First in a new series this is the story of Jules who escapes one scandal only to fall straight into the arms of another disastrous situation in the shape of Cash….. their’s is a forbidden relationship in more than one sense and with so many obstacles to encounter the outcome is not assured…

The author really knows how to write great characters that are believable and fully developed….the narrative is from the dual perspective of the two main characters giving an insight into their developing feelings and their inner battles…. Jules and Cash’s relationship is intense and full of sexual tension there is so much emotional baggage and angst between them but as a counterbalance there is also great humour and some super steamy moments…

I am a hopeless romantic and am always wary of books with affairs… there is cheating in this book but, as in real life, there are at least two, sometimes three or even four, sides to every story so do not judge the book by the title or the blurb until you know all the details…the cliffhanger when it comes was unexpected and left me anxious to know where this story will lead next…

An engaging sexy, forbidden romance which kept me entertained throughout..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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