REVIEW: The Funeral Flower by Michelle Jester

Unexpected treat …

This is a simple bittersweet story written almost like a reflective journal focusing on key events in the young life of Kelly ….the storytelling is beautiful evoking the sights, sounds and smells of the world in which she experiences the end of innocence and her first tentative steps into adulthood..

The story is told by Kelly in the first person which provides a comprehensive view of her innermost thoughts and emotional development…I particularly loved the reflections of Kelly as a young child as she tries to navigate her way through the complexities of the adult world and the very real fear of the young when confronted with the reality of mortality….her journey through childhood is punctuated with cruelty, isolation and sadness not to mention the anxiety surrounding the first throes of instant attraction and young love……but in the midst of all of this is the strength provided from her family and true friends …

Kelly is surrounded by a myriad of wonderfully described characters some pass fleetingly through her life and others remain steadfast…all having a profound effect on the young impressionable heroine as their lives blend in and out of hers…James is my favourite so strong and assured even as a boy ….…

There are so many small delights within this book that added to my overall enjoyment…. I loved the apt verses of poetry that the author inserts at the beginning of each chapter, providing a small window into the coming narrative….and I was captivated by the thought provoking notes that young James composed for Kelly…

This was such an unexpected treat which dealt with challenging subject matter in a sensitive and heartwarming manner…so much emotion runs through this book…loss, anger, jealousy, remorse but there is also a constant theme of loyalty, friendship and above all love…This book was reviewed on behalf of Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (5/5)

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