REVIEW: Ruck Me by Rebecca Norinne

Filled with mischief, mayhem, fun-times and lust this storyline follows the journey of the two main protagonists Eion and Aoife and how they go from friends to lovers.

It all starts when Eion overhears Aoife discussing how and with whom she’s going to handle a certain personal matter, he doesn’t like the idea of her asking the person she’s mentioned for help with her situation so he volunteers himself.

There’s never been more than friendship between these two but emotions kick in and they notice the spark is there for them to potentially become so much more, it’s an emotionally heartwarming, fun and sexy journey they go through proving that soulmates do indeed exist.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story it’s was a fun-filled, sexy read with some twists and turns, I sat down with a cuppa and my kindle and that was me hooked right in from start to finish.

Rebecca Norinne has done a brilliant job with this book she touched on a sensitive subject and she did it with grace, approaching the topic in a sensitive and compassionate way. I look forward to reading what’s next in Dublin Rugby series, if the first two are anything to go by we’re in for a treat.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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