REVIEW: #Momfail Anthology

Although the idea for this was pretty strong and immediately gripped me, I actually found reading it a little bit of a slog. The best was, by far, Shari J. Ryan’s What’s That Smell?, which tickled me to the core and made my afternoon covert reading at the office somewhat challenging. Other highlights included Piper Rayne, Teresa Michaels and T.L. Swan, but the others, for me, just faded into the background a little.

As with any anthology, it’s great to find a handful of new authors you’ve never come across before, and to have the opportunity to read some of their work before diving into a full-length release.

Where this anthology went wrong is its decision to use so many authors, and such a limited word count. The authors could have been halved and the word limit doubled, and I would have enjoyed this so much more, the ability to have actual stories woven rather than little snapshots, which often felt like they were trying a little too hard to be funny. Similarly, they tended to cover the same subject matter (there’s only so many times one can lament the loss of their sex life, or giggle over a chance encounter interrupted by a sprog, without it getting a little same-y).

A great premise which unfortunately doesn’t live up to its potential.

~Evelyn (3/5)

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