REVIEW: Lucky by Lilly Atlas

The heroine Kori sets out to find her real father after her terminally ill mother reveals his identity before passing away and despite saying she’d never date a biker she soon hooks up with the hero who just so happens to be a a hot sexy biker named Lucky together alongside a host of other great characters they helped make this an enjoyable and thrilling read , a good storyline filled with plenty of action and drama as well as some scorching hot sexy times.

This book had its dark parts there was crime, violence, angst, twists and turns, secrets and lies basically all thing gritty thing you’d expect in an MC book. Of course we do see a tender side after all the H&h do get their HEA.

This was my first book by Lilly Atlas, it is book #4 in the No Prisoner MC series but can be read as a standalone.

I stepped into the world of the No Prisoner MC and whilst I may have had my foot in the door and did enjoy it I wasn’t pulled right in, I don’t feel compelled to go back and read the other books in the series, however if you like a good MC book then I do recommend this, it did keep me company on a wet and windy night.

~Cheryl (3/5)

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