REVIEW: Daydream by Sapphire Knight


OMG …this is second chance, secret baby MC story that had me entranced right from the start this is the story of Nightmare and Bethany….Nightmare by name and nightmare by nature the prologue to this book sets the scene and tempo for the rest of this brutal but utterly addictive story….

The MC world is so well described it is easy to visualise the environment in which the skillfully observed characters interact…Nightmare is the archetypal bad boy biker he is not a good man and Bethany is a beautiful, strong single parent who has had her own personal demons to overcome…both are damaged and dysfunctional and neither believe in or are looking for a happy ever…. Typical of the genre the men of the club live by their own set of rules; their interactions are full of camaraderie and loyalty.. they are prepared to kill or be killed for their extended family….you gotta love a biker !!!

Sex, alcohol and drugs have shaped the world of Nightmare and Bethany in a myriad of ways throughout their lives…I love a bad boy who reforms for the love of the right woman but Nightmare is not that guy and Bethany is not that woman so be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns..this is a riveting gasoline fueled super hot romance…a totally unputdownable must read…..this book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (5/5)

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