REVIEW: Sapphire by J.A. Low

Searingly hot….

Wow I loved this book….this is a really enthralling, searingly hot and intense read…. I love the original concept of this book; the elements of suspense and intrigue combined with emotion and steamy romance …Matteo and Tomas are two gorgeous guys in a loving but secret relationship and Zoe is a smart, beautiful woman whose life they save…. Zoe has no recollection of her identity but time is running out as a deadly enemy threatens not only her life but also the lives of her family and the men who protect her as well as the secrets that they keep…..

The three main characters take turns to relate their versions of the story; on occasions they revisit a particular scene helpfully providing more than one perspective on a particular event….. the author has created strong characters that are fully developed and believable…. the passion between Matteo and Tomas is tangible; they are contrasting personalities and yet their relationship is utterly beautiful and I loved the deep connection between them with Zoe adding another complementary layer to their emotional bonds and sexual encounters…’she completes the circle’….in addition to the protagonists the subsidiary characters whether family, friend or foe are complex, interesting and realistic…I look forward to reading more about them all in the future….

This is an exciting sexy thriller, with dark themes underpinned by a captivating and sizzling menage love story….the action is fast paced particularly in the second half and the gripping finale sets the scene for the rest of the series…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (5/5)

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