REVIEW: Seduced & Pleasured by Melissa Davenport & Camille Crosby


This short erotic romance continues the story of Charlene and Clayton from the first book of this series…following Charlene’s sexual awakening with Clayton she has returned to her home and re-established her life as a nurse but an invitation, from Clayton, to a masquerade ball brings her back to his world….

There is no doubt that this author knows how to set a scene, skillfully describe the world in which a story unfolds and create complex and interesting characters..the difficulty for me with this particular book is that the first few introductory chapters were too in-depth and read like the beginning of a full length novel….. in fact the initial interaction between the two main characters did not take place until several chapters in….

Despite all the preamble when Charlene and Clayton finally re-connect the relationship just does not feel realistic…. I love taboo books but somehow this relationship does not work for me…not helped by the fact that before there is any real interaction between the couple Charlene is being taken in other directions…the sexual encounters are super erotic and steamy but there seems to be a disconnect between the characters….

This was a combination of great writing and hot erotic sex let down by a slow beginning, relationships that felt shallow and an abrupt conclusion which was confusing….this novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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