REVIEW: Cuffed & Dominated by Melissa Davenport & Camille Crosby


This is a short taboo, father’s best friend, erotic romance….. I really found this book difficult to get into at the start..considering it was a novella the pace felt slow and the relationship between the two main characters took a long time to develop…the first kiss didn’t happen until nearly half way through the book and then it was a quick sprint to the finishing line metaphorically speaking…although in fairness, once the couple had acknowledged their feelings, the sex was really erotic and hot underpinned with a good helping of BDSM….

The narrative was well written and, told from the two main characters point of view, it gave a useful insight into the characters’ innermost thoughts and feelings…Charlene’s father has died and her grief and emotions of anger and fear were really well described and felt genuine; Clayton, her fathers estranged best friend, is a more ambiguous character for someone so controlled and smart I could not fathom some of his actions and decisions and he felt less believable…

Overall this was an enjoyable enough read but the strength of a shorter style story is a fast pace and plenty of instalove and lust which was missing from this book…the ending was rather abrupt and unexpected and on reflection I am presuming that it was a cliffhanger and not the finale to Charlene and Clayton’s love story…this novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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