REVIEW: Big Shot by Kim Karr

This was a second chance romance telling the story of Jace the widowed single father from Karr’s Sexy Jerk and his first love Hannah who’s now also a single mother, they find themselves reunited again initially through their kids but also it turns out Hannah is the new employee recently hired by his company.

Between their kids and working together these two find themselves getting closer and old feelings that had never truly left resurfacing. Jace struggles with guilt over moving on from his deceased wife whilst Hannah refuses to be used for the act of sex alone, this was their story of moving onwards and upwards.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many of Kim’s previous books and this one’s no different I was captivated throughout, she sure knows how to knockout a great storyline and her style of writing is very easy to read.

The only grumble I have is in regards to the chapters where we were taken back in time I felt that they were too drawn out, yes I wanted to know how they knew each other and what had happened between them first time round but I wanted more of the here and now especially Jace and his filthy mouth, putting that aside what you’ve got is an enjoyable read that totally deserves to be one-clicked.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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