REVIEW: Trixters Anonymous by Ahren Sanders

What a brilliant, hilarious well written book this was, I honestly laughed that much I cried infact I hold my hands up and admit that there was indeed some very unladylike snorting too.

One leading lady who’s filled with sass and keeps those around her on their toes and a hero that’s a hot sexy detective who’s 100% alpha and totally possessive when it comes to his woman, add in some great secondary characters and you’ve got a belter of a book.

Emi and Walker are the perfect couple, from the moment they first locked eyes it was clear that they shared an intense connection and were meant to be together, yes it was one of those insta-lust/love relationships that moved at warp speed but it was that well written everything just flowed alongs nicely well as nice as could be when there was “vagina vigilantes” on the loose and a whole host of bad guys added to the mix, come and join these two and their friends on their crazy adventures that will have you laughing, blushing and biting your nails, trust me this is one book you “NEED” to read this year.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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