REVIEW: Prisoner by Kat Shehata

Bratva thriller….

Prisoner starts where obsession ends…as the action moves to Vladimir’s homeland where a war is brewing between rival bratva families….this is much more of a thriller than the first book in the series and the action is much faster paced…..when I reviewed the first book I identified the dichotomy in my opinion between my overall enjoyment and my frustration at the inconsistency with the plot and the characters…. my feelings have continued in a similar vein ……

I have to say that Carter and Vladimir, the two protagonists, are more predictable in their actions and interactions and whilst Carter continues to behave recklessly at times as the story progresses she seems calmer and develops a more measured approach to the violent world she has become embroiled in…the author is really very skilled at creating diverse and complex characters and against my better judgment I really loved Vladimir’s close family…they are brutal and deadly but they also possess a strong bond of love and loyalty..

This really was a gripping read and although I still have my reservations this series continues to captivate my imagination….I am now invested in the lives of Carter and Vladimir and excited to see where this convoluted plot will take them and their comrades in the final instalment of the series..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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