REVIEW: Obsession by Kat Shehata

Mixed review…

I am not sure how to review this book I can honestly say I have never read a book before that I found so enjoyable but at the same time struggled with large sections of the plot as well as the characters…

Mafia/Bratva romance is one of my go to genres and I really loved the premise of this story..Carter is a sassy, gifted tennis player.. and Vladimir is the intimidating boss of her Father….their relationship from the start is complex housed in a web of deceit and secrets as gradually she is drawn into his Bratva world…

This book was well written and there was an underlying atmosphere of menace and sexual undercurrent which held my attention throughout.. the characters individually were interesting and well described with an enigmatic hero and a strong willed, rather naive, heroine however the behaviour of both the two main characters and Boris, Vladimir’s ‘advisor/enforcer’ was inconsistent; so much so, in fact, that at times it seemed like there were six main characters; Boris acted like an avuncular babysitter and then like an abusive thug; Carter became objectionable and reckless and the sophisticated Vladimir was attentive and sweet until he wasn’t…none of these personality switches were believable and in the end the relationship between Carter and Vladimir did not feel genuine….

There is plenty of welcome humour in addition to the drama; I loved the scene early on with the dart tag game…in contrast however there were also some very sinister and dark scenes which did not sit comfortably with the overall feel of the book…I love dark stories but on this occasion the change seemed too extreme…not only the characters and the atmosphere of the book but also the plot itself had a number of inconsistencies including subsidiary potential love entanglements who appeared to be important elements in the story and then disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived…

Now here is the thing despite all my concerns I really was gripped by this story… there were holes and at times I felt frustrated by the characters but nevertheless as the book progressed I became more and more intrigued and as the final page turned I immediately picked up book number 2 to delve into the next episode…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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