REVIEW: Criminal by Kat Shehata

Thrilling climax..

This final book in this series is without doubt also the best…the action starts where the last book concluded and the thrills and spills continue throughout….the premise of the series continues to be exciting and I love the balance of light and dark in the plot with humour and camaraderie as well as the brutality and ruthlessness of the Bratva world in which the action takes place..

Carter’s and Vladimir’s characters have grown….their relationship continues to be complex but much more believable as they battle together against a deadly enemy…the subsidiary characters are also well developed…in particular there is a special place in my heart for Boris,Vladimir’s trusted advisor…despite the fact that his previous behaviour was unconscionable…he epitomises the values of his family of strength and loyalty with a good helping of tough love…

As this entertaining trilogy comes to a thrilling climax I can honestly say that, although I may have had my reservations with the previous books, I have become addicted to the lives and loves within this gripping series and as I finally say goodbye to Carter and Vladimir I am honestly sad that the journey is over…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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