REVIEW: Touched By The Wolf by R. Murray


This paranormal romance is a fascinating story of magical and mystical beings and the world they inhabit…Family is at the heart of this story there are forces for good and bad and when two opposing factions reignite an old conflict the scene is set for an emotional and thrilling journey of loss, betrayal, loyalty and love.

The author has created a complex world with a host of interesting and beguiling characters…at times I did find it challenging to remember all the players and their significance in this intricate alternative universe…there are so many strong and flawed individuals who, for the most part, are an intriguing combination of light and shade…several of the main characters take turns to tell their version of events….I do not always enjoy this storytelling device but on this occasion it worked well and provided a useful insight into their mindsets….

The author has an easy to read writing style but at times there were over long explanations which affected the pace of the story..I think this may have been improved with some more judicious editing…

I really loved the original storyline…there is a cliffhanger ending and I am looking forward to seeing where this fabulous plot leads next…I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

~Sheena (4/5)
For fans of: Kharma Kelley, Hettie Ivers, Nicky Charles

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