REVIEW: Unconventional by Isabel Love

Compelling….4.5 stars..

Unconventional is a mix of lighthearted humour, steamy erotic sex and, conversely, family angst and painful historic relationships….Quinn and Charlie are both disillusioned with love and determined to have fun, with no strings attached, but neither have vectored in their mutual attraction and illicit desires….

Wow this is a scorching read…the sexual encounters between the two main characters and indeed others are satisfyingly hot and dirty..l loved the relationship between Charlie and Quinn which although initially is casual is throughout full of heat and sexual attraction …….I really enjoyed the scene in the book where a sexual encounter between the main characters, in Quinn’s art studio, was provided with it’s own soundtrack …and I also loved the wonderfully described group of friends that surrounded and supported Quinn and Charlie; their interactions were full of friendly banter and felt realistic….

This is a book of light and shade and in addition to sexual exploration Quinn and Charlie face conflict and rejection as together they confront their own personal battles within their respective families…this made challenging reading at times and I genuinely felt anger and hurt for these two talented people….

This was compelling, exciting and emotional reading…..and I look forward to exploring more by this author in the future….This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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