REVIEW: Unbreakable by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Short and bittersweet…

It is a testament to the skills of this author that despite the fact I have not read any other books in this series that I still felt emotionally engaged with the characters in this novella and fascinated by the loves and lives of the men and women of the Unacceptables MC….

This is truly a bittersweet story filled with love, happiness and humour juxtaposed with sorrow, violence, betrayal and loss …I loved the relationships between all the main characters and was completely invested in their futures….the men are protective, possessive and omg the sex is suitably hot and dirty….I was particularly affected by the use of letters expressing the thoughts and feelings of characters unable to do so in person…

I wish I had read the previous books prior to reading this instalment but, that said, I was engaged throughout and intend to go back to the start of the series to rectify my omission…I also wish this had been a longer story there was certainly enough action and plot for a full length novel ……nevertheless irrespective of the size there was plenty of drama and heartache within these pages and ultimately it was the strength and warmth of the bonds between the MC family that remained uppermost in my memory….….This novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads..

~Sheena (4/5)
For fans of: Evelyn Glass, Ryan Michele

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