REVIEW: Trust by Kylie Scott

Captivating must read

This is a YA coming of age romance filled with all the requisite teenage angst, jealousy, humour and love…however, in keeping with the title, the main theme is about trust and all it’s phases, Trust that is given, broken, lost and most importantly trust that can be rebuilt even stronger than before….

When a late night junk food shopping trip goes seriously awry Edie is forced to reassess her life and her new trajectory leads her to John, a troubled bad boy, who is also in the process of change…..together they find a new path but there are demons from the past that threaten their future and trust will play a big part in the journey that follows…

This is a beautifully written and touching story…I loved the premise of these two young people who meet by chance at a crucial crossroads in their lives…Edie is a great character full of strength and humour and John is a perfect moody, protective counterbalance..their friendship leading to something more is a slow burning relationship which feels sweet and authentic…the supporting cast is also worth mentioning in particular John’s friend Anders and Edie’s friend Hang who both add another layer of interest and humour to the storyline….

I really loved this book…the author skilfully draws pictures in words with her vivid descriptions…I was enchanted by the writing and, once started, I had difficulty putting down this captivating must read…This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (5/5)

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