REVIEW: The Southern Nights Series by M. Never

Engaging and insightful 4.5 star read…

This is such an engaging and bittersweet sports romance series…over the course of 3 novellas the on/off romance between Kam a prodigy/star Quarter Back and Laney a smart independant young woman unfolds….. the path to true love has never been more rocky as their relationship develops, unravels and rebuilds again and again over the progression of the series… Although this is predominantly a typical sports romance the author also empathetically explores the world of fame and it’s implications for loved ones who stand on the periphery competing for the affections of those in the limelight…..

Laney and Kam take turns to tell their story….. the development of their characters and their relationship felt genuine….their interactions are full of warmth, humour, love and hot sex….. I loved the fact that they are both so well matched with Laney being more than capable of handling anything Kam throws at her…..although there were secondary characters that provided support and humour they play very minor supporting roles to the main characters……

Initially I could not understand why this book was broken into three shorter stories but in fact each novella covers distinct periods of time in the progress of Laney’s and Kam’s relationship….the three installments, are therefore a smart device used by the author to indicate the passing of time without the need for filling in the gaps……the only book where I think a longer story would have been more appropriate was the final one in the set; although the characters and relationships continue to develop this period of their lives felt slightly rushed and there was a requirement for recapping to bring the reader up to speed on events which would have been interesting to read in more detail…….

This was such an enjoyable and in many ways insightful read there are of course moments of angst, with break ups and make ups aplenty but every development heartbreaking or heartwarming is balanced and although at times the relationship seems doomed there is always an overwhelming feeling that a pair of safe hands could bring home the desired result no matter the troubles encountered along the way……This novella series was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

One Southern Night
Rating: 2/5
From the out, I was disappointed in this one. Unfortunately, Lemon and Kam failed to grab my attention, and the novella length mean that M. Never glossed too much over parts of these people’s lives. Indeed, I’m not sure there were many scenes at all which focused on one or the other of them, instead focusing almost solely on their relationship.

That may work for some readers, but I prefer a bit more substance, development and independence in my characters, and found myself more interested in Kam’s recovery than the ‘chemistry’ between the two—despite everything working itself out far too easily.

One Northern Morning
Rating: 2/5
The second novella in this collection, this follows Lemon and Kam and their ups and downs, around three years after the events of the first. Like the first, I felt a lot was glossed over and, despite an interesting plot point, its potential was never fully realised. Once again, loose ends and conflict were tied up far too quickly, and I found myself reading to finish the book, rather than to finish their story.

One Perfect Twilight
Rating: 3/5
The third and final in this compilation picked up a bit for me, going a little deeper and exploring the pressures of celebrity status and the media on relationships and personal lives. I still think this relationship could have been more interesting if it were told as a full-length novel, at a slower pace, and not skipping out times of conflict and glossing over angst. I’d also very much have liked to have seen more character development and independence, particularly from Lemon, and their family members. I also want to add that the bigger sex scene in this part was much more arousing than the others, adding another small bonus to the ending.

Overall, a readable tale which doesn’t quite live up to M. Never’s previous works, forgoing the deep angst and conflict for something more akin to a beach read—a little fluffy, a little superficial, a little too nice.

~Evelyn (2/5)

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