REVIEW: Buy Me, Sir by Jade West

Jade West is back on form with Buy Me, Sir—a helping of her typical filth, but one of her novels which has the filth topping deep emotion. As ever, her characters are wonderfully developed, and her writing never fails to grip the heart.

This novel very much reminded me of Teach Me Dirty in how West completely manipulated my emotions, particularly with a heroine who isn’t the typical Mary Sue, and is, in fact, difficult to actually like, despite sympathising with her. It’s gritty and great, and these characters are brilliantly flawed.

The entire thing just feels like a trainwreck is about to happen. It shares the emotions stirred by a Shakespearean tragedy, to the extent that I found myself unsure as to whether there would be a happily ever after or not—and no, I’m not telling.

Highly enjoyable, often arousing, and sometimes difficult to read, Buy Me, Sir is up there with West’s best work, mostly due to the strength of her characters and the originality of her plot.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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