REVIEW: Summer Love by J. Lum

Short, bittersweet and captivating

This is an introductory and a wonderfully written debut story from the author…Casey is a carefree dreamer and Toby is the very definition of an angry young man personified, two young people who, free from their usual responsibilities, meet one summer, connect, make promises and irrevocably change their lives….

The world and the characters within this delightful novella are beautifully described with a depth and complexity which made them feel genuine…although the story is short the pages are packed with drama, fun and romance; I felt connected to the two main characters in a way that only usually develops in longer novels..

Full of emotion, humour and love this is a bittersweet and captivating story which I read in one sitting …This novella was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)
For fans of: Sloane Murphy, Carian Cole

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