REVIEW: Lost Love by Kelly Elliott

I’ll be honest I haven’t really read many romance books where the leading males ‘Steed’ in this case have been a cowboy but I do love a good second chance romance so I was interested to see where this would go.

High school sweethearts Steed and Paxton are reunited after 10 years apart, angry words and poor decisions cost them 10 years together but now Steed is back home at his parents cattle ranch fresh from a divorce with his 5yr old daughter in tow and set to make amends.

It wasn’t a case of Paxton just letting Steed back into her life quite so easily he had to work for it and that’s basically what the first half of this book is about after that it was all happily ever after stuff, sweetness and love there was no drama.

This was my first read by Kelly Elliot very well written and it looks set to be a promising series overall there was very little drama I did enjoy it but I was expecting there to be have been more angsty moments but it was just a sweet, feel good swoon worthy second chance romance.

~Cheryl (3/5)

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