REVIEW: Disgraced by Natasha Knight

This is the story of Lina and Damon who were reunited after years apart. Damon had walked away before but this time he’s going nowhere, however this is no run of the mill romance in a matter of months Damon’s about to be an ordained priest and Lina has connections to the Russian mafia, talk about complications.

The journey they faced together was filled with secrets, temptations and forbidden desires as well as action and angst that had me sucked right in and don’t get me started on the sex factor this had more steam than my local sauna, it was hot, hot, hot. If you like your leading males caring and swoon worthy with a hint of alpha and your leading ladies with a bit of spunk and determination then this one’s for you.

This was my first book by Natasha Knight but it won’t be my last I liked her style of writing. Disgraced was an enjoyable read with a great storyline and good characters, my only complaint is regarding the bags I had under my eyes after I’d been kept up into the early hours reading this but that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s more of a compliment to the author.

If you’ve read Priest by Sierra Simone and you liked it then you’ll love this.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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