REVIEW: Checkmate: This is Dangerous by Kennedy Fox

Being a huge fan of the Checkmate series I couldn’t wait for Logan and Kayla’s book and let me tell you it was worth waiting for it didn’t disappoint in fact I’d go as far as saying it’s the best one yet… move over Travis and Drew there’s a real man in town and you boys have got nothing on him 😉.

After previously watching these two tiptoe around each other well it was more like Kayla tiptoeing around Logan anyway we watched these two in the background and just knew that when the time came and they finally got together there would be fireworks and trust me there was, who knew ‘big’ Logan had it in him. We get to find out more regarding both Logan and Kayla’s backgrounds, some questions are answered but many more are revealed.

Dynamic duo Kennedy Fox what can I say? You sank the hook in then you reeled me in and just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore ‘BAM’ you dropped me but the hook’s still embedded waiting for you to reel me back in when the time comes for book 2, and I will be here patiently waiting.

A brilliant read that will have you captivated from start to finish, sweet, hot and extremely sexy with a good serving of mystery be prepared to not put it down once you start.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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