REVIEW: Scored by Marquita Valentine

This was a quick feel good romance that had me smiling from ear to ear and laughing away at the banter between the characters.

Marquita has done a great job she’s given us a book where the words just flowed effortlessly and it was the perfect mix of humour, sweetness and hotness all rolled into one perfect package.

Professional football player and ladies man Drake and sassy librarian Paige get together in what initially starts a bet but soon becomes so much more, both were clearly attracted to one another and they shared an amazing chemistry which Marquita portrayed brilliantly throughout their blossoming relationship. I loved how this book was free from all the stereotypical chaos there was no interfering exes, no baby momma drama and no cheating like I said at the start it was a genuine feel good romance with witty banter and hot, hot sex. The secondary characters were brilliant too I know this was a standalone but I reckon there will be many others like myself wanting and hoping Marquita writes more.

One last thing I will never be able to look at pearls in the same light again after reading this the “pearl necklace” talk between Paige and her bff was pure genius 😂😂.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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