REVIEW: Mine by A.N. Senerella

A book of two halves

In my humble opinion this is a book of two halves…the first half I found enjoyable an intriguing YA/ high school romance with the usual high school angst and bullying but also a story of infatuation, missed opportunities and unrequited love…the second half descended into a muddle of forward and backward timelines with too many character voices and a very confusing and unlikely plot…

I loved the upbeat narrative provided by Anika with her quirky outlook on life and her humorous asides…but she was also rather irritating; her ability to remain oblivious to the feelings of those surrounding her seemed naive at best and disingenuous at other times…. all the characters had the potential to be interesting but there were too many best friends and potential love interests and it was unclear exactly why Anika became the focus of so much attention… ….Foster is my favorite ….and boy was he tenacious, I loved how protective and over the top possessive he was although this was somewhat hidden behind all the other contenders in Anika’s life..….the majority of the first half of the book was from Anika’s viewpoint but the second had a number of different perspectives and the story began to lose impetus with too many coincidences and too much unhealthy obsession…

Although written in the here and now there were a number of sections focusing on previous events this to and fro between the present and the past became frustrating and in some cases it was an unnecessary device since the events highlighted occurred within the current timeline and could have been incorporated without affecting the flow of the storytelling…. in addition time passed in a haphazard way with detailed days, particularly at the start, and then months and years flew by without any point…

The honest truth is that this book could and should have been awesome…it had the potential to be a captivating coming of age story but somehow it lost direction and energy and I consequently lost interest..the first half was worthy of 4 stars, the second half 2 stars… This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

This was a story about secrets, friendships, jealousy and unrequited love and as much as it pains me to do so It has to be said that for me this was one hot mess.

Written in the here and now and told from 5 yes that’s right 5 different pov’s this started out okay but from roughly the middle onwards it went downhill, I found it confusing and to be honest it just didn’t do it for me I found myself losing interest but I’m not normally one for giving up so I soldiered on and finished it.

Mine was a coming of age story which had the potential to be so much more, sadly for me it just didn’t tick all my boxes.

~Cheryl (2/5)

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