REVIEW: Mica by Marialisa DeMora


Mica having escaped a life changing event has made a new life for herself….still haunted, figuratively and literally, by past demons she finds solace and support with two protective men, Mason a MC president and Daniel a local businessman and hockey player…

This is a fast paced story but in some ways there is too much action and too many central characters making the story overly confusing to read…Mica, in particular, was a difficult character to like I appreciate she had a rather traumatic history but her character seemed rather weak and sketchy …in fact I thought the supporting cast were more interesting and believable than the main characters and I would love to read more about their stories in the future…

I really liked the premise of this story…. it was entertaining and there were some thrilling moments but overall it did not quite live up to my expectations….this is the first in the series and I am hopeful this book was simply setting the scene for more compelling future installments…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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